Thursday, June 7, 2012

Music Vol. 1

In high school, my choir director would always say, "Music begins and ends in SILENCE!" Apparently, the applause at the end of each song was just an extension of the music. When I shared that thought with her, she told me to shut up, and I said, "Why, is there a song about to start somewhere?", and she would murder me with her eyeball laser stare of death.

Despite my onset anxiety triggered by traveling high school choirs, I must admit, when used correctly, music can be very therapeutic. But when music falls into the wrong hands, in malls during the holidays, no one is safe. School choirs are the sirens of the mall, distracting you from your odyssey of holiday shopping. Clearly I need to get over my traumatic past. I need musical therapy!

I have done a little research on musical therapy, they say that some studies date back to as early as the 1950's which means people have know about music for a long time! Research has evolved though, now we have technology to look at the brain and see how neurons are affected while people are listening to music. Here is a video that talks about some of the studies being done.

So music can bring back bad or good memories, just like smells. Just imagine mixing the two, smooth jazz playing in the background of a french pastry shop? If that doesn't jump start your positive memory synapses, you need a new childhood!

I get a lot of therapy from playing the piano, even though piano lessons always stressed me out. Playing the piano got me through some depressing times, now that I'm happily married and I love wife, I don't feel like I need to tickle the ivory as much. How many great musical careers have been nipped in the bud because of happy, healthy relationships? And one more thing, are they doing musical therapy research on lab rats as well? The answer is yes, and here comes the flute part...of that research.

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