Friday, June 15, 2012


I've always wanted my own twin, but I guess I wasn't that good at multitasking in the womb to make that happen. Also I called shotgun. Every time I see a set of twins I can't help think to about how much sleep deprivation their parents must have had. Which explains why you would you force your kids to wear matching cowboy outfits, not even on an non Halloween night? That's a double negative, and I don't mean grammatically.

Here is a clip we didn't have time to share. It deals with nature vs nurture. It's about twins Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein, who were deliberately separated at birth as part of a psychiatric study. Later in life they found each other on their own. And one of them immediately died her hair.

Luckily the mad scientists that separated them got some fascinating results! They both went to film school, were editors of their high school papers, dealt with depression, and share similar mannerisms. I'd call that experiment a smashing success! You may have to throw out the shared depression part though, I have a feeling that was maybe due to a mysterious case of separation anxiety? I must admit, it would have been much classier if the scientists would have asked them as babies first if they even wanted to be separated. They might have even agreed to it after their first Halloween together.

Now I'd like to turn my attention to the whims of knitting. Despite the comical nature in which knitting was discussed on the podcast this week, there has been an emerging problem of knitted graffiti, aka yarn bombing aka yarn storms. Look at this once beautiful tree, now destroyed by some needling freak! 

Who would do this, and why? Think of the cats! What feline could possibly resist clawing up such a tree? How many cats must we rescue before we stand up and fight this madness?! If you have any decency please stop. I don't care if you're grandma's a huge Dr. Seuss fan and you forgot her birthday, don't do this. If you have any information leading to the capture and successful intervention of the leader of this revolution, known by Wikipedia as Deadly Knitshade, please come forward. I think this is a photograph of her resting on a stool...

Thank you.

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