Thursday, May 3, 2012


Gravity, it's what makes the world go round I think. The most important thing to remember about gravity is that when you go to smaller planet you will weigh much less. I call this the intergalactic planetary diet and I believe the Beastie Boys will spearhead an ad campaign for it. Well maybe holograms of them will anyway.

We ran short on time on this episode and one of the clips I wanted to share was about how stars are born. They start out as large amounts of gas particles that slowly gravitate towards each other and eventually heat up to, I don't know 10 million degrees or so and then they become nuclear as Hydrogen fuses into Helium, which makes balloons that float. These balloons then spit in the face of gravity as they fly off into space. They then fuse together into a large enough ball of balloons to carry an old mans house, say 10 million. And that is how gravity is responsible for the movie Up. And movies are where stars are born. Today's clip will explain.

OK so the clip left out the balloons, but you get the point.

Now to the wobbling star thing I was trying to explain during the podcast. Astronomers use the Doppler Shift to tell if light is moving towards you or away from you. So if a stars light keeps shifting from redder to bluer that means it is wobbling and therefore intoxicated, it could also mean that a small unseen planet it pulling on it. Much like when you spin around holding a ball on a rope, you are probably drunk.

Here is a picture illustrating my point, but the scale of the telescope is a bit off.

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