Thursday, May 10, 2012


When I was thirteen I must have gone with my older sister to see Jurassic Park 20 times when it was in theaters. It amazed me that they could use frog genes to patch up the missing dinosaur genes. I thought this was going to inflate the market on frogs so that summer I became frog hunter. At our local golf course, I caught at least 40 frogs but my mom rejected my business model I had to liquidate my assets... I mean I returned them to their pond. My dreams of making a Dino Frog were crushed.

In the movie they made the dinosaurs sterile. They gave them the "Terminator gene", which is probably what made the movie so awesome. I understand why geneticists make their living Lego's sterile. You wouldn't want a scientist creating an out of control creature that totally dominated the rest of the animal kingdom without some fail safe, thus giving a rogue species the ability to multiply, generation after generation, until it filled the entire planet. God didn't make us sterile, so his fail safe was a global flood and a floating zoo. And that's how we got rainbows! Do I believe in such miracles? Yes, how else would you explain the existence of chocolate chip pumpkin bread?!

This clip is cool. It explains how our genes tell our cells what to be and what to do.

What I would like to know is do the cells have a say in it? Say you are told to become a skin cell in the armpit region, but you feel morally opposed to it. Can you say, "suck it genes, I'm going all the way to the top!", then make your way to the head and become ear skin? That would be a much more noble existence. Perhaps on the cellular level you wouldn't be so self aware. I certainly don't know what my cells are thinking, with the exception of my brain cells, they won't shut up! Sometimes I'd really like to know what the other cells are thinking. I imagine the older toe cells giving advice to the younger ones, "Well, I'm going to become a toenail soon, it's a great sacrifice some of you might have to make one day, if your tough enough. We gotta keep you softer cells safe! Remember, mutating may look fun in the movies, but it isn't. The antibodies will come after you and they'll banish you, like your uncle Bob. Don't forget your protein shakes, and I love you!" Well, I think I need to do more research on this topic.

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