Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clostridium Difficile

I've been doing some research for Tig on the Infection that put her in the hospital.  It is called Clostridium Difficile, or C diff for short, and it's some pretty nasty stuff. C Diff is an aggressive bacteria that crowds out and over populates your intestines. Among other symptoms, it causes inflammation of the colon and in extreme cases removal of part of the colon or death. It kills more than 14,000 in the United States every year and affects over 300,000. You are the most susceptible to catching it if you take antibiotics. Sometimes when you take antibiotics, good bacteria that protects against infections die. This can leave you vulnerable for months.

The spores that carry the disease live for months, and you have to use bleach to kill them. Normal cleaning supplies won't do it. I got most of my info from the Center of Disease Control's website. If you watch The Walking Dead you probably know the place I'm talking about.
Here is a cheesy yet informative video that talks more about C Diff.

I recently went shopping for Tig at some random heath foods store, I cried for her a little on the inside as I realized there was no ice cream on this list. This is what a survivor eats:
  • organic bananas (6 still a little green on top)
  • organic pink lady apples (3)
  • organic strawberries
  • organic blueberries
  • organic red cherries
  • organic red grapes
  • raw plain cashews
  • brown free range large eggs (6) call me and i'll help you w/this
  • organic avacado 
  • amy's organic soup- lentil and lentil veg -low sodium if possible (4)
  • large blue diamond almond breeze almond mild UNSWEETENED ORIGINAL (4)
  • hemp milk (2)
  • oat meal w/flax seeds
  • kombucha- green (6)
  • coconut water- (10) call me and i'll help you pick this out
  • and if you have some bags in your car, use those. if not, please don't let them double bag any of this.

thanks Aaron.

On a professional note, I didn't really need to call for help about the eggs, but did anyway just to be thorough. Also I'm proud to say, non of the groceries were double bagged.


  1. I like how the one item has DOUBLE ALMOND which hopefully makes up for the unsweetened original aspect.

    This does make me sympathetic for Tig, although the real impact is difficult to see if I didn't know what her previous shopping habits were. Also, I was already pretty sympathetic from the several months away from the hatch.