Thursday, March 22, 2012


This week we had a little trouble with the proper spelling of Samori. Here is a little trick to help you remeber. It comes from what the professor said, "who took my cat Ana, Sam or I?".  And there you have it, the proper way to spell Samori is Sam or I. Thank you Dustin, by the way for all you do!

Since I used up all my childhood fighting stories in the blog about Kung Fu, I will get to the research that went unused in this episode. While studying the topic, I kept coming accross the name Miyamoto Musashi. He was one of the most famous Samurais and wrote a book called The Five Rings. I was impressed by the back story of Miyamoto. After surviving an all out blood bath of a battle he camped out in the woods for four years so he could practice how to become the best warrior he could be, and this was several centuries before the use of  montage mind you. There were no short cuts here. It is said that he had a no nonsense personality, which doesn't surprise me. He didn't have anyone to riff off of for four years. Even if he came up with the greatest joke in history he couldn't have shared it with anyone. That has weigh on you, and would explain why he got so skilled at fighting. Which reminds me of David's upcoming comedy tour, revenge of the comic. "This time he's serious folks!"

I'm also sharing this documentary I watched on Miyamoto, enjoy this when you have a good hour and a half to kill. After watching it, if you have more time to kill, go stand out in the woods and see how long it takes before you loose your sense of humor. It took me 22 minutes, but that's because I my blood sugar was dipping because I ran out of animal crackers.

Now that you have cleared your mind of any silliness, check out these bonus links to the history of the Samurai. All joking aside, this is a fascinating part of history.

Lastly, are Klingon's Samurais? When they face a battle they always say things like, perhaps today is a good day to die. I feel like forced laughter was invented for situations like these. Buck up soldier! By the way, watching a grown man charge at you, going full speed, with a sword in his hands, whilst laughing uncontrollably, is the best way to cure the hiccups. If you don't believe me try it.

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